Why Trek?

Selling your business is a personal undertaking that you will likely only do once. When selling your business to Trek you will work directly with the principal decision makers, be able to design terms that meet your needs (e.g. all cash, retaining equity, longer transition plan) and have the opportunity to see your business continue to grow after your transition.

Trek Partners Private Equity Industry Competitor
Sales Process Private and flexible Public spotlight with multiple changes to the agreed price and terms In the press with an uncontrolled message to your employees and customers
Focus After The Sale Operating the business on a day-to-day basis Looking for the next deal and selling prior investments Integration and cost reduction
Your Employees and Brand Retained Unknown Reduced or eliminated
Source Of Capital Entrepreneurs, executives, and individual investors Pension funds, insurance companies, and investment banks Public markets, private investors, or cash flow
Goals Building your business Cut costs, add debt, and sell to hit target returns Absorb your operations
Time Horizon Long-term 3 to 7 years with a firm deadline Unknown